Our Range of Olive products

Our olives are harvested at two stages of ripeness. Green ripe and fully black ripe. Processing is carried out in 220L barrels in a 10% brine (salt) solution. There is absolutely no use of harsh chemicals like lye (caustic soda) to artificially speed up the de-bittering process. The olives stay in this brine solution for ‘at least’ 12 months. They are regularly tested to monitor brine (salt) and Ph levels to ensure food safety standards are maintained. We then bottle with the mature brine (filtered 3 times) used as packing in 210g, 320g bottles and 1Kg bulk bags.

Made from our green ripe olives after the debittering (brining) process is completed. We remove the pit and mix up the flesh into a paste. This paste is bottled and pasteurised to ensure absolute food safety, giving it a shelf life of 12 months. The paste is delicious in cooking and for other snacking experiences. Refer to our suggested uses of Pure Olive Paste.

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Edgecombe VIC 3444

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