Pure Olive Paste

Delicious straight from the jar on crackers and with cheese; as a base for bruschetta and pizza, as an addition to meat and vegetarian dishes and in tapenades, relish & olive jam. Add a few drops of olive oil for a different texture. Enjoy!

Meal Ideas:

Breakfast: On a piece of toast smear Pure Olive Paste with a poached egg on top or use a spoon of Pure Olive Paste stirred through scrambled eggs at preparation or cooking stages.

Lunch: On a rice cracker or piece of bread or toast put a smear of Pure Olive Paste topped with cheese and a slice of tomato with some salt and pepper.


  • Roast chicken: Mix a spoonful of Pure Olive Paste and a knob of butter together and put under the skin over each breast before roasting. The butter and Pure Olive Paste will add a delicious flavor to your roast chicken.
  • BBQ red meat, chicken or fish: smear Pure Olive Paste on the BBQ’d food after the last turn when cooking.
  • Soup: Stir a couple of spoons of Pure Olive Paste through your soup as you are cooking it. It will give a depth of flavour to your soup - especially delicious with vegetable soup.
  • Pasta: Stir Pure Olive Paste through some pasta just before serving and drizzle with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
  • Pizza: Spread on the base of your pizza before adding the tomato paste, or instead of the tomato paste, and then top with your preferred ingredients.
  • Jacket potatoes: Split the jacket potatoes, add a knob of butter and a teaspoon of Pure Olive Paste and top with cheese.
  • Late night snack: On some crackers smear some Pure Olive Paste and top with cheese.

Party time:

  • Tapenade: Make a simple tapenade by adding some (EVOO) crushed garlic and finally chopped parsley to some Pure Olive Paste.
  • As a spread: Add EVOO and turn it into a dip with your choice of crackers or potato chips.


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